WE ARE A CUT FLOWER COMPANY, focusing on healthy farming techniques while promoting recovery of mind, body and spirit.

Freedom Acres, South Dakota is a licensed cut flower growing company that is based in Brandt, South Dakota. We use sustainable, natural practices in the plains of South Dakota.

Freedom Acres' goal is to become one of the leading cut flower farmers in the region. We employ best practices of sustainable farming and organic regulations. Freedom Acres is a private registered company that is owned by Army combat Veteran, female Purple Heart recipient Connie Johnson. Freedom Acres, South Dakota was established in 2019.

Here's what we are all about

our mission

"Our mission is to produce flowers from an environmentally friendly atmosphere of sustainable products, healthy farming techniques and high organic standards while promoting recovery of mind, body and spirit."


- Founder of Freedom Acres SD

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The road of recovery is different for everyone. There is no way to know what will happen, how you will feel coming into different situations, or even knowing if what you are doing will work for you. Much is the same for starting a business. There is a risk, uncertainty, and possible utter failure around […]

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