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Adopt A Vet

THE MISSION: to ensure every veteran buried in Deuel and Brookings County, SD cemeteries are memorialized with Freedom Acres Flowers. 

Honor and remember our military personnel who have passed away by selecting a local veteran or having Freedom Acres SD select one for you. The hand-crafted bouquet will be delivered to the gravesite by Connie Johnson and saluted with a photo taken and posted on social media with your name as the sponsor.

This program was developed to honor veterans and ensure that they are remembered for their service. You can choose to donate or purchase a bouquet to be placed at the gravesite of a veteran in Deuel County or Brookings County and we will make the bouquet and place it on Memorial Day weekend.

Our goal is to expand beyond our current area and with your help, we can get there. Our dream is to connect and honor all Veterans with Freedom Acres flowers.

Our Flower Cart

THE MISSION: to bring the beauty created on our flower farm to you, wherever you are.

Our flower cart will be stocked full of beautiful flowers grown by combat veteran Connie Johnson. Eggs and other treats from the farm will be available as well, find us in a community near you.

Subscription Flowers

THE MISSION: to deliver a beautiful flower arrangement to you on a regular basis, smile included.

Enjoy 6-weeks of seasonal bouquets which consists of hand-crafted bouquets during the growing season. All Flower Bouquets Are:  handpicked, freshly cut, local sustainable grown & seasonally inspired.


THE MISSION: to decorate your door with a little military twist.

Fall Wreaths

Relish in the beauty with one of our one-of-a-kind military-themed wreaths. These are made to fit a standard size door, packed full of ornamental grasses and fall foliage. Shipping available!

Winter Wreaths

These traditional wreaths are made with a mix of fresh-cut evergreens, but with a military-themed twist. Every ingredient of our wreaths is picked from our farm. You can choose from a traditional full wreath in a standard door size or oversized.

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